Joined to take over as Chief Engineer on a tanker.

Second engineer informed me that A/E #2 was not being run because of noise from No 3 cyl head. On investigation observed that the tappets could not be set properly.

Ran engine, the engine No 3 cylinder head noise indicated there was a problem anyway. On inspecting camcase No 3 exh cam was observed completely damaged. Company was informed but I was instructed to proceed on only two AE's to gulf for loading.

After loading with pilot onboard AE #1 had to be shut down because of smoking from cylinder heads! On AE #1, No 1 exh cam had got damaged. The vessel was anchored and 12 days of offhire charges were imposed.

The AE#1 & 2 were stripped apart and new spare parts flown in and gennies were put back together. The classification surveyors and P&I surveyors did a thorough inspection and examination of damaged components.

Metallurgical examination indicated material failure. The HO analysis indicated oil was in good condition when the generators were operating. Still there was a mystery why two AE's had a problem simultaneously.

The Daihatsu engines had separate pumps. Daihatsu could not explain why exhaust v/v cams on two separate gennies had failed simultaneously.

More feedback from participants encouraged to unravel the mystery.
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