The ship was a bulk carrier traveling towards Tuticorin, and was down south of SriLanka.

Around 1000hrs, a fishing vessel was sighted with a few people on board. They waved their hands towards the ship. The ship approached them. Out of five people, four of them jumped from the boat and started swimming towards the ship. Emergency stations were called and all the four were lifted on to the ship. On coming to the ship, they said one more person is left in the boat in an unconscious condition. They also informed, that they are stranded in the sea for past 10 days due to loss of propeller. The unconscious man was pulled on to the ship and the boat was also taken on board. The unconscious man was found to be in critical condition, and to a possible extent the first aid was given.

Tried to keep him alive, but he died in the evening. Next morning, the ship reached Tuticorin port and the body and the remaining Sri Lanakans were landed. The fishermen were deported to SriLanka via Chennai. The boat was also handed over to the fishermen.
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