Fire in the aft poop deck (break of accommodation) :

In one of the ports, stores and provisions were received by ship’s staff. Due to hectic schedule, ship staff could not store the cardboard boxes/wooden pallets/paper etc. properly. After sailing, 2nd officer noticed some smoke coming from the aft side. He gave a call to C/E to investigate. When C/E went to the aft side, he noticed the combustible maerials like dunnage, paper etc, caught fire and were smoking badly. The fire was fought immediately, and the situation was brought under control. The fire was due to the funnel sparking.

Such incidents could have been avoided by taking little more pain in maintaining good house keeping. The cardboard, paper etc could have been placed in a metal container rather than throwing them around in a haphazard manner. Also it is equally important that the machinery is also maintained, such that the sparks in the funnel can be avoided.

(V Raveendra, C/E REO 20.08.07)
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