5th Jan. 04

The Auxiliary Engine had been decarbed, Fuel oil booster pump (built in) overhauled.

The Auxiliary Engine was tried out on no load.

Exhaust temperature was found to be normal, as also the peak and compression pressures. When tried on part load it was found that the frequency was fluctuating and three units (4,5, & 6) Exhaust temperature was less, as also the peak pressure. The three other units (1,2, & 3) showed very high of the same parameters.

The pump timing was checked, valves checked and even the FO pump was overhauled again. Finally it was decided to open up the FO booster pump.

Once the top cover was opened up, a part of the internal assembly came out with the top cover. The broken parts had stayed inside.

After taking out the assembly it was found that the split ring, which is fitted on the shaft to prevent gear play had been left out, leading to the damage.
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