At about 0900 hrs, an aircraft called the vessel arrivingHamburg, enquired about the pumping which was going on. Since the bridge was not aware of anything being pumped, same was replied to the aircraft. But aircraft insisted that bilges are being pumped out and to stop it immediately.

On enquiry, it was found true, the 2/E started lowering the water and he forgot to put off the pump. OWS was malfunctioning and hence the alarm and stop did not take place. The owners and the P&I club were informed. On arrival berth, the PSC authorities boarded the ship and sampled the bilge water and checked the OWS.

Somehow the 2/E could manage to set the alarm alright, and hence the OWS passed out but the sampling proved that the water was from the same ship, hence the ship was arrested.At the advice of P&I club, the statement was given after the cargo work was over, and the compensation and port fines were paid and the ship got released. On arrival home port for further cargo loading, the ship was subjected to extensive checks by the flag state administration. It made the ship to be idle for nearly 20 days, before the administration could release the ship in all respects
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