One of the grab’s, ram seal was leaking. Chief Engineer with his team of engineers and fitter wanted to change the seal. Since this was the first time he is working on the grab, he wanted to have a feel of it, and he also worked with his hands. Ram lock nut was opened and to enable removal of seal, the ram was pushed down to have access to the seal nut. Chief engineer was standing on the grab, for removing the nut. When the spanner was hammered to loosen the nut, the unsecured ram swung and fell on his foot.

Eventhough he was wearing safety shoes, the ram having heavy weight, cut his foot near the ankle. He was rushed to the hospital, and his leg near the ankle had to be amputated.
He lost his one foot, and he had to stay away from his sea carrier.

Lesson learnt :

Always look for safety and before working ensure that all loose parts are properly lashed and secured.
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