S Samuel Rajmohan Amaladoss C/E

The ship was a reefer ship on regular weekly voyage between Philippines and Japan.During midnight sailed out, found 2 new faces walking across the engine control room. On enquiring with Captain in regard to any change in crew, found negative answer from Captain, the ship was diverted back to the port and the two persons were handed over to police.After about 11/2 hours sailing, there were cries for help from the top of the funnel, and 3 Philippinos were found, vessel was again diverted and the 3 fellows were handed over to police.

After about 2 days sailing, while attending to winches prior discharge in Japan, voices were heard in the number 2 mast house. On investigation, found 5 philippinos hiding in the blower ducting and they had bread, water and also telephone calling cards of Japan!!.

They were caught and barricaded in a cabin and a continuous watch was maintained, till the vessel reached Philippines on the return voyage, and they were handed over to police.In the next voyage, the entire philippino crew were replaced with Indian crew.
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