1st Mar. 04

While starting up the cargo pump it was reported that no.1 COP had failed to start. The steam inlet valve had got stuck and it needed to be opened up.

Engine fitter was called for the job and necessary preparations made. For example, shutting of the main valve and draining the line before the valve. The fitter was especially instructed to wait till the line got completely drained of water, and also wait for the second engineer to confirm this fact.

In the meanwhile second engineer was away from the engine room for his breakfast.

The fitter who came down before the second started slacking the flange bolts. As he saw that no more water was draining he opened the bolts completely.

When he was opening the last bolt, the whole flange with a small amount of water and a lot of steam came flying on to his chest and shoulders, leading to serious burns. He was given first aid and later shifted to hospital.
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