The standby auxiliary was to be started and to be taken in parallel with the running generator. The engine was blown through, and found water coming from the indicator cock. 4th engineer blew through the engine again, and found no water coming out. He thought there may be a small accumulation of water which had already come out.

He started the engine and ran for five minutes before taking on load. A mild knocking noise was heard which he ignored. When he went inside the ECR for taking it on load, a violent noise was heard and the engine had tripped. On inspection, it was found that the unit from which the water was found coming out, had its connecting rod bent and got damaged. Luckily the liner and crankshaft had not damaged. Piston and connecting rods were removed and new piston with connecting rod was put in place. Engine tried out, and found satisfactory.

Lesson learnt :

it is better to thoroughly check everything in such a case, observe patience and avoid hastiness in regard to any indication on the engine.
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