This incident happened when I was Third Engineer on a UMS Tanker.

Entire Engine room crew and Fourth Engineer had gone to the Engine Room. I was proceeding with 2nd Engineer towards the pump room when the fire alarm sounded.

We had just carried out a fire drill about two days back. On impulse everybody in engine room left everything and dashed towards their fire stations and the fire was pinpointed to purifier room by fire detection equipment.

2nd Engineer and fireparty tried entering engine room and found there was thick smoke in the E/room. The 4th engineer confirmed there was no smoke visible when he left the E/room.

After stopping 4/Eng from entering the ER, C/eng decided to flood E/room with foam, and finally it was carried out. Later on after 15-20 minutes man entry was made and fire was finally traced to a garbage drum that contained oily rags from purifier room.
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