19th April 04

I was in a company where the technical director decided to run all the feeder container ships at max designed RPM and the company decided to spend any amount to achieve this.

On one of the vessels the designed RPM was160; 4 Chief Engineers tried to increase the RPM but could not a train more the 148 RPM. They adjusted the timing, changed fuel pumps and injectors. Company spent a lot of money for 2 yrs. After this I was assigned to this job and given only 3 months time.

On the first day I took a round of the ER and within an hour of Full away I was able to increase the RPM and within 6 hrs I was able to give 160 rpm (designed RPM).

The change I found was that all the fuel linkages were painted and also the main fuel rack was locked for max 148 rpm. Paint was removed and the lock released; then the rpm was increased to desired levels.
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