(Manoharan M V)

It happened at Richard’s Bay, South Africa.

The ship was on a voyage from Richard’s bay to Turkey via cape.Prior sailing, all places were checked up for ‘stowaways’, found none. For the next two days no body went on deck due to bad weather. On the third day, when crew went on deck for routine maintenance, they heard noises from the No. 3 hatch.

They reported the matter to the Chief Officer and the Master. Master was worried about the stowaways having weapons etc., hence initially he hesitated to open the hatch. But after 5 hrs, he decided and ordered to open the hatch and found to stowaways. They were Tanzanians and had proper identity cards.

The master informed the company and the agents at Richard’s Bay. Richard’s Bay agents informed Master to proceed to Cape Town.At Cape Town, with the help of immigration authority and the harbour police, the stow aways were handed over safely and the vessel proceeded on the voyage to Turkey.
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