The vessel was a general cargo vessel and the main engine was SEMT Pielstick.

During the run at NewZeland, while berthing at Auckland, the maneuvering became sluggish and the vessel was almost colliding with another vessel. Somehow the mishap was averted. On berthing, the investigation started. The stay was for 3 days. All the maneuvering system, controls checked and found ok. The electrical system and the related solenoid valves checked and found ok. The departure time was approaching, and the problem could not be identified. In a worried way, while taking round in the fuel pump platform, C/E observed some unusual on the fuel pump rod. He found too much of grease coated which was obstructing the movement of the rod, as the grease has become hardened. He cleaned it and applied only a smear of grease for lubrication purposes, and tried out the engine the problem got solved.

Lessons Learnt :

Though the PMS says, greasing of fuel pump linkages and rods, same should be applied with care and sense so that such mishaps will not take place
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