The lack of knowledge and refusal to go through the starting procedure as given in the manual led to unnecessary delay.

At 2 hrs notice, engine was tried out on both ahead and astern directions. In the astern direction the engine responded but in the ahead direction, it was not even responding on air. The control systems were checked, found everything ok. It was concluded that there may be some problem in the electronic controls, and hence the service engineer was called. (Luckily there was a representative for this manufacturer in that port). The service engineer also went through all circuits, and found everything ok

Then he went through the engine parameters maintained at that time (like M/E preheat temperature etc. ) found the JCW temp for main engine was only 51°C. He then insisted the ship people to bring up the temperature to 55°C. The preheat was adjusted to 55°C, and when this temperature reached, engine was tried out, found starting satisfactorily in both ahead and astern directions.The company incurred expenditure due to delay in departure and also the service charges to the service engineer.

It is clearly indicated in the manual, that the JCW temperature has to be maintained at a minimum of 55°C. Had it been seen earlier, this embarrassment and the expenses could have been avoided.
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