28th Feb. 05

Safety training by shipboard officers is good in practice but it is a failure at least in the following two cases:-

A. When the officers on board are multinational & multicultural: A British or German Chief Engineer will take little or no interest in training an Indian Fourth engineer.
B. When the fleet of the company is too big (> 50 ships)' the seniors take reduced interest in training the juniors as many times they may not be affected if the junior (5/E) is not trained well and goes back to another ship as an underperforming 4/E. They are sure it will be on some other ship.

On the other hand if they do take interest, they know they cannot partake of the fruit of their training as the Junior Engineer will go to some other ship as a good 4/E. If they are not going to see him again, why bother training him.
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