Engine was Sulzer 6RND68.

One of its cylinder head was to be sent for reconditioning to Singapore.

Ship did not have 2T chain block, hence workshop was requested to provide a 2T chain block for lifting the cylinder head from the ER to deck. Workshop supplied the chain block, but it did not have any markings on it. Workshop supervisor assured that it is meant for carrying 2T safely.The cylinder head was lifted by the ER crane, which had sufficient SWL.

After reaching a particular level, the load was transferred to this workshop supplied chain block, (this was securely mounted on to a channel). At the time of transferring the load, nothing happened, the hook was withstanding the load. When the chain block was operated by hand, while shifting its position towards the exit, the chain block gave away, and the entire cylinder head fell onto the cylinder head platform, twisting the floor plate and the supports beneath it, broke all cylinder lubricator lines, pneumatic control lines etc., and rolled down the stair case and got jammed between the railings and the electrical cables panel, by the side of the stair case in an inclined position. The chain block which was secured to the channel, flew away the track and hit one of the fitters on his fore head and on nose and made him unconscious. Luckily there was no loss of life, but the company had to spend quite a good amount of money for the repairs to the damages.


never use a lifting tackle which do not have any SWL marks and also ensure that the lifting tackles are regularly tested and properly maintained.
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