Mr Venkata Ramana Karri

The vessel had a thermal oil economizer. While maneuvering, at around 0800 hrs, the duty engineer reported that the thermal oil level in the expansion tank is reducing. HO purifier was stopped. All tank heating valves shut, suspecting heating coil leakage may be possible. All tank soundings monitored with heating on and heating off. Found all tank soundings normal. Meanwhile, the expansion tank sounding was coming down. Meanwhile, duty officer reported that the funnel is sparking heavily.

It gave a confirmation that the thermal oil is leaking from the economizer. Fire alarm was raised and all crew mustered. M/E was stopped, E/R blowers stopped, quick closing valves shut, fire pump started and boundary cooling started. Turbocharger suction side closed, and after 10’ the fire got extinguished.


on inspection, found pin holes in 5 tubes, near the weld joint. The tubes got thinned down due to ageing. These tubes were temporarily plugged and in dry dock later, all the 5 tubes were renewed.
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