18th April 05

While overhauling the main engine unit, a "Sulzer RND", the 3/E and fitter were asked to remove the piston rod nut from the crankcase. This piston rod nut had to be opened manually since no hydraulic device had been provided on the ship.

The 3/E and fitter applied the spanner to the nut and the 3/E was holding the spanner end with a rope, for the fitter to hammer on the edge of the spanner. This operation went on for a while but the nut could not be opened. The 3/E went up to inform the 2/E about the problem.

During this period, the 5/E who had gone to the site advised the fitter that he will hammer and asked the fitter to hold the spanner. He then took a long swing and hammered on the spanner but missing the spanner edge the sledgehammer struck the fitter's face.

The fitter lost several teeth and bled profusely. He was taken to hospital and later signed off the vessel.
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