2nd May 05

Crew and officers went ashore in the evening. There was a storm warning and we were asked to leave the berth and sail clear of the port.

Self (Chief Engineer), 5th Engineer and 4th Engineer were on board. We sailed out and the weather got very rough. Changed over to H.O. but engine response very slow. Hence changed back to Diesel Oil.

But Lube oil pressure for M.E. kept coming down. There was one fitter and no changeover arrangement. Hence we were forced to remove the fine filter and put a coarse one because ship couldn't be stopped due to cyclonic conditions.

Meanwhile found No.1 F.O. Booster p/p motor burnt. Changed over to No.2 F.O. Booster p/p. After working for 12 hours found No 2. F.O. Booster p/p also tripping. Found that the holding on contact is defective.

Hence forcibly held the breaker by a Mechanical pushing system. And we ran the vessel without stopping despite above defects because with about 80rpm we were just keeping our position.

The vessel remained under cyclonic influence for about 2 days, and only after the weather subsided did we manage to carry out the necessary repairs.
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