Ship’s garbage which was stored on the deck was not transferred to shore receptacle for a long time. Moreover the garbage was not segregated. The entire garbage including ER and galley wastes were dumped in the 5’ space between engine funnel and accommodation superstructure. Accumulation of this garbage has created congestion.On a fine morning, there was a spontaneous ignition noticed by the galley staff around 0600 hrs. The fire had then just started and reached the port hole of the galley. There was no fire sensor on the aft side.

The galley crew raised the alarm, and the fire was put out with portable extinguishers. This was a real concidence that it took place in the morning time. Had it been in the midnight or some other time where in the galley was remaining unattended, then it would have developed into a major fire and major loss. The company was informed about this incident and also made them aware about the disposal of garbage to the shore receptacle. Of course this incident took place just at the beginning of imposition of Annexe V and the management changed. The company agreed and amendments made, and the ship started the garbage management programme and everything started going smooth.
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