Diving operations were being carried out in an oil jacket. Throughout the day the operations went on safely without any hindrance or any incident. Towards the end when the ship was casting off, the accident took place.

Chief officer was on the bridge and had the engine controls. He was an experienced chief officer, and had handled so many OSVs. NWKO was at the stern, and he was communicating with bridge and the jacket. Chief officer ordered NWKO to cast off from the jacket. When one rope was left, the NWKO replied that he had let all the ropes off. On hearing this, chief officer gave Full Ahead on the engines, to get off from the jacket as fast as possible.

The last rope on the stbd quarter had not been cleared, and became taught. The seaman on duty standing near the bollard, who was taking in the rope, did not watch the rope coming under tension. It cut his neck off before parting.After this incident, the company instructed that only chief officer can be at the stern during casting off and the Master has to be at the engine controls on the bridge.
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