24th Nov. 05

This incident with the generator happened when I was a 4th Engineer.

The vessel had three auxiliary engines. This was when we were out at sea, and No.1 and No.3 A/Es were running in parallel. I was working near No. 2 A/E, which is adjacent to No. 1 A/E.

All of a sudden I heard a terrible banging sound followed by some breaking noise from No.1 A/E and the engine rpm shot up. By the time I reached the site of the noise the rpm had dropped back to normal.

What I found was that No. 5 unit connecting-rod top half had broken the engine bedplate crankcase door and was resting on the floor plate outside, with the generator running on five units instead of six.

II immediately switched off the non-essential power with the help of the 5/E who was keeping watch with me, and after off-loading No. 1 A/E, I stopped the engine. Then started no 2 A/E and took it on load in parallel with No. 3 A/E.

Later on investigation, it was found that the cause of the incident was bottom-end bearing bolt failure which had got elongated and had become slack in its hole.
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