The new engine room team was joining the vessel at Korea around 2000hrs. The team to be signed off were busy with bunkering. 2/E was at the bunkering manifold, 3/E in the engine control room, 4/E taking soundings. The 4/E of the new team after meeting the 2/E went to find out the 4/E who was taking soundings. The old 4/E, was out of mood and was not concentrating on the bunkering. He was slack throwing the sounding tape without proper rolling, and was not cleaning the tape and hence could not find the soundings properly. He was tensed up and was complaining about the company etc., and failed to note the oil coming out of the sounding pipe.

The new 4/E, on seeing the oil gushing out, ran to bunker manifold to stop the bunkering. The cargo work was going on, and being night, the oil slipping on the deck could not be seen clearly. The scuppers were not closed and the oil found its way to the sea. Port authorities came on board and arrested the C/E and the Master. The ship was fined USD 3,50,000/- and after the same was paid, the Master and C/E were released from prison. They were to sign off as per the earlier programme, then they signed off and left for India.
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