S B Mohamed Idris, C/E

The incident occurred in a Suez Max tanker. While taking rounds in the bottom platform, 2/E heard water dribbling sound at the aft end. The bilges were clean and dry, and it was quite clearly visible, where the water was dropping. On investigation, it was found that the stub piece of scrubber overboard line leaking. On closer examination, it was found that the stub piece has thinned down and wasted by way of welding near the flange.

Bridge and C/E were informed, and the crew were called down. Cement box was prepared and when applying cement, the leakage increased. Company was informed and on their instructions, the vessel was taken off Fujairah, and anchored. Divers were called and the scrubber overboard was blanked. Class surveyor was also called and the stub piece which got weakened due to corrosion, was renewed with schedule 160 piece. Class gave COC for 6 months for renewal of entire scrubber overboard pipe, which was done in the subsequent dry dock.

Reasons for failure :

corrosion due to sulphur, poor welding and aft side vibrations had led to the lekage.Proper watch keeping and timely noting of the leakage had averted a major possible flooding of engine room.
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