11th April 05

This incident happened on a tanker during discharge of cargo at a port.

At around 08.00hrs a fire alarm sounded and the fourth engineer after accepting the alarm went for investigating and found a fire under the port boiler that was being used for cargo discharge pumps.

The second engineer was informed and all other engine crew was called in for fighting the fire. As it was breakfast time and it was very normal for a false fire alarm to sound; so everybody else took it rather easy.

But fortunately the engine staff was able to extinguish the fire on their own.


1. Check the fire alarm system properly and regularly to avoid alarms going off falsely.
2. Keep the E/R free of any oily matter.
3. Keep fire extinguishers ready at all times and train everybody on the ship to use them.
4. Coordination between departments should be very good and training to be given through conducting regular drills.
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