One C/E joined a V/L at Singapore and there was no time for handing over taking over and Maneuvering was sailing after bunkers. While going for Maneuvering, found only 1 A/E working and one A/E completely stripped for changing c. shaft. Another A/E suspected crank pin damaged. Had no alternative and had to sail. The vessel was sailing for nearly 4 ½ months with only one A/E. The other two A/Es were getting repaired by W/S and ship staff. Ship staff managed to enable one more A/E run. During trials followed T/C seized of the repaired engine, as one of the exhaust V/V had cracked and water had entered. T/C rotor was removed and made the engine naturally aspirated one and was running at 60% of the rated load. Ship’s staff made the A/E completely working by using spare rotor & nozzle ring.
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