8th Aug 05

My previous ship had been through a major fire accident before I joined.

She was in the Tropical Zone, left the harbour with Main Engines at full away.

It was noticed that Heavy Oil from the settling Tank was not coming to the H.O. purifier line. The suspicion was that H.O settling quick-closing valve was stuck in closed position.

The 3rd Engineer opened the quick-closing v/v bottom flange to clear it; under supervision of the 2/E and C/E who were both present in the ECR.

Suddenly the complete flange fell open and very hot oil at about 90/ 100 deg C rushed out. That leakage could not be controlled and due to rolling the hot oil splashed on to the very hot exhaust manifold, setting off a fire in the engine room.

In trying to control the spread of the fire water jets partially flooded the E/R.

Then they decided to operate the CO2 system and raised the alarm accordingly. Head count was taken but 4th engineer could not be accounted for. They still decided to operate the CO2 to save the ship and the crew.

4/E lost his life; 3/E was badly burned.
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