5th Sep. 05

The ship had sailed out of Port Hedland in Australia. After giving full away the ship was in normal seagoingcondition. After about 8 hrs of running, some thumping noise was heard coming from the engine room, and was audible even in the ECR.

All engineers took rounds to locate the noise; they found it to be from the Auxiliary Engine. As the ship was in full away, only one generator was running. But before anybody could react, the generator slowed down and stopped, causing a black out.

We had to start the other two generators & slowly we came back to normal. Since the noise was coming from the turbocharger side (VTR type), the turbocharger was opened up, traces of water were found in the gas outlet casing.

On further inspection by cleaning off the inner surface of casing a small hole was discovered. It was established that due to thinning of the casing wall, water had ingressed from the cooling jacket to the gas outlet casing. After about 12hrs after this incident one more generator gave such noise.

Immediately the drain cock of the gas outlet casing was checked & water droplets were found. We had to shut off the generator & run on the third generator to be able, to anchors near Broome, Australia.

Since the company was promptly informed, they had sent the casing to the ship. The generators were renewed with new casings & thus the ship was able to sail away after 14hrs of Anchorage in Broome.

Company & manufacturers investigations revealed reasons of failure to be :

1) Variation in cooling water temperature
2) Improper sea water treatment causing corrosion
3) Material failure of casing
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