Timely First Aid Helped in Saving a Life :

Incident took place in a product tanker.

2/E wanted to clean IG scrubber unit. Vessel was near Colombo, on the way from Singapore to New Mangalore. The scrubber unit was ventilated for nearly 24 hrs and the enclosed space entry checks carried out, found satisfactory. He sent the oiler inside for cleaning. After ½ an hour, the oiler came out, because he had difficulty in breathing and he wanted to have fresh air. He went on the main deck for fresh air, but within few minutes, he fell unconscious. Artificial resuscitation was adapted, mouth to mouth respiration done. Whenever the oilman could breath by himself, the process was stopped, but continued when it became difficult for him to breath. It continued for nearly 4 hrs. till he became conscious.

Contacted the port medical authorities, and continued medicating him as per their advice. On arrival, New Mangalore, he was sent to the doctor, and doctor made him fit and observed that he must have inhaled a heavy toxic gas.
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