Alcoholism and Inability to Understand the Communicated Message :

The ship was plying between Thailand and Singapore. 1 hr notice received for arrival Singapore at 0300 hrs. 3E followed the instructions and informed C/E and 2/E at one hour notice. 3/E was told to c/o to Diesel Oil and to inform them back once standby is given. 3/E changed over to Diesel and informed bridge, that engine is ready for maneuvering. Till 0430 hrs, no message from the bridge and also the engine speed had not been reduced. 3/E checked up with the bridge, but he cadet there informed that Chief Officer is busy with Port authorities. Around 0445 hrs there was a big sound and the ship started vibrating badly. Only Motorman and 3/E were there in the engine room. 3/E sent the motorman to see what had happened. C/E and 2/E came running down, they stopped the engine and ran up after telling me to be in the engine room. Motorman came and told 3/E that there was collision with another ship, and this ship had got major damage on the port side. He also informed that steering gear flat is on fire. Fire alarm sounded, and the 3/E started fire pump on request from the bridge. Fire was controlled and put off efficiently by the ship staff.

The port authorities cautioned the ship at around 0350 hrs that the ship is on a collision course and to exercise caution. This caution was not understood by the 2/O and also C/O who came into the bridge at 0345 hrs. Previous night c/O and the Master had too much alcohol. The chief officer was in a dizzy state and did not understand the caution.

At the time of collision, both Master was not on bridge and C/E was not in Engine Room.
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