26th Sep. 05

It is essential that all personnel are well trained for the efficient running of the ship.

That they should be trained on the job by the seniors is a very valid point, but only in principle.

In the present day scenario the excessive staff reduction and the sheer volume of documentation that is to be kept up to date, makes constant, consistent training of juniors virtually impossible at times. Even at the best of times, a systematic training program cannot be carried out aboard every vessel.

Training manuals & records of juniors are possible but record-books are almost always just filled up prior to the individual off signing from the vessel. In actual practice if the junior is to see and work on all the listed items in his record book, all ships would indeed be very well maintained.

In addition to training and supervision of jobs carried out, chief engineers (especially) need to take great care w.r.t. wrong practices and procedures of unsafe nature which juniors learn from others staff members.

Informal discussions and meetings help to achieve this, but it may become difficult if the meetings are made formal and the members are recorded.

It may be taken as a threat if mistakes are put on record after each incident.

Nevertheless training is an important but much neglected part of a senior officers duties.
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