10th Oct. 05

Our ship Auxilliary Engine runs on H.O.

For Purification of Lube oil (crank case) we have an Alfa-Laval purifier. We also have a shaft generator. Hence running hours of Aux engine are far less than a ship not having a shaft genny.

The practice followed was to run the purifier for 24 hrs and stop, clean, run again. Due to failure of shaft genny the number of hours of the Auxiliary Engine had increased. Hence the accumulation of sludge in the lube oil (crank case oil).

Without giving due consideration to this fact the purifier continued running as before, the quantity of sludge accumulation increasing manifold. The increased sludge content caused overloading and imbalance, damaging several parts of the generator.

Costly repairs and spare parts eventually y restored the generator to normal.
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