Before entering the pump room, the blower (exhaust) was started. The 2/E, pump man and two seamen, entered the pump room without waiting for the required period of 5 to 10 minutes. The blower blades were rubbing with the casing, and sparks erupted. Since the pump room is not gas free, and the atmosphere was within the flammable limits, the sparks created a large fire and the pump room exploded, causing all the 4 to die.

Lesson learnt :

it is very important that the atmosphere has to be checked for oxygen and %LFL of toxic gas. The pump room to be treated as an enclosed space and the persons entering, should wear some breathing apparatus to save guard themselves. The blowers are to be checked frequently and should be maintained in a good condition. Also it is imperative that the pump room maintenance should be of very good order and avoid any kind of leakages or accumulation in the bilges
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