Ship left port after maneuvering, and was in full ahead and on sea speed, found one of the unit exhaust temperature was too high, compared to other units and abnormal. All other parameters checked found good and normal. Turbo charger rpm was normal and scavenge pressure and temperature was normal, ship was slowed down and stopped. Checked for exhaust v/v actuation, found satisfactory.

It was MAN B&W SMC engine, each unit had separate reversing servo motor, servo motor actuator and fuel pump follower link coupling had inspection cover, opened and inspected, found actuator supposed to have been in ahead, but was in the position for astern movement. Found follower roller not moving for ahead.

Sailed to next port at reduced speed. At the next port fuel pump opened up and follower taken out, found follower link of reversing motor near the body was broken, complete follower replaced with new spare, engine tried out found satisfactory. Reason of follower link breaking was material defect.
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