09th Feb. 06

At about 0330hrs, the 3rd Engineer on watch noticed the Main Engine Rpm drop with a loud howling noise from the Turbo Charger. He immediately rushed to the engine control room, and observed M/E Rpm was 60..65, auxiliary blowers running OK, and T/ C rpm 0. M.E. T/C was inspected through sight glasses on both sides. Both sides L.O integral feed pumps, thermometers and blower side axial ball bearings (double row) were found to be damaged. Engines were stopped.

The K distance was checked and found high and rotor was very hard to turn. All damaged parts were renewed with old/ removed parts and T/charger reassembled. Tried to rotate with compressed air; no go.

Suspected gland strips on the back of compressor unit were damaged. Rotor shaft was locked and ship was diverted to nearest port for necessary repairs.

New rotor shaft, Brgs, L.O pumps, thermometers were received. W/ shop assembled all the parts and tried out to satisfaction. Vessel sailed out from repair port at usual engine Rpm of 140.

Probable cause of damage adjudged to be the slackening of blower side bearing nut.
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