09th Mar. 06

This accident occurred on board the ship M.V. Great Immensity a Hong Kong flag vessel in Oct 2000 during a transpacific voyage.

While at Sea, it was planned to overhaul the ballast pump (Port) to renew the leaking mech. seal.

In the morning the Chief Officer was informed personally by 2nd Engineer not to start any ballast operations as the ballast P/P was to be overhauled. The C/O assured 2/E that ballast operations would not be carried out.

The pump was taken out, overhauled and kept ready for assembling, but due to lunch time between 12 13hrs, the work was to be resumed after the break.

But the C/O without prior informing anyone in the E/R started opening the suction valve of the P/P from the CCR, causing serious flooding in the E/R.

First the high level alarm sounded, and 2/E and C/E rushed to E/R and informed C/O to close all valves which he had opened from CCR. M/E was stopped and water pumped through bilge suction and other pipes.

Due to this flooding some of the P/P motors were damaged.

Proper communication and understanding is most important to avoid accidents.
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