23th Mar. 06

A shore gentleman walks out of masters cabin on E' deck, opens the lift door(outer) steps into the elevator space without observing that the elevator cage is not on that deck, falls into the lift tunnel and dies of multiple fractures.

The elevator cage was actually in A' deck but the outer door on the E deck was left partially open by the ship staff. The elevator was giving constant problems since the delivery of the vessel. On the day of the fatal accident the ship staff was forced to run around as there was a party on board involving the company top officials. The elevator had stopped working and the cage was stuck onthe A' deck.

The Electrical Officer was asked to look in the problem and get the elevator operational. To trouble shoot the E/O opened the outer door of the elevator space on the E' deck using the emergency door opening the key. He left the door partially open and went out of the accommodation into the elevator machinery room which was also on the E' deck outside the accommodation.

Meanwhile the shore person arrived at the elevator tunnel. Probably he was not looking into the elevator space as he was saying Good bye to the Master who was standing at the entrance of his cabin. As far as safety of the elevator is concerned it is not possible to open the outer door in any of the decks unless the cage is available in that particular deck. The above accident was solely due to negligence and human error.
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