(improper gasket replacement leading to problem)

O/hauled M/E air start v/v was replaced in one of the unit in Sulzer 6 RND engine in port with new cu gasket for valve seating and sealing.

Ship started-departed from port, burning smell felt in cylinder head platform during maneuvering – pilot on board. Found that, there was gas leak in the fitted air start v/v & the pipe was hot so, the fuel was cut and the air start v/v for the particular unit was shut. The line after the flame trap was not very hot. So, it was decided to proceed like this, till the pilot got away. Bridge was informed and requested Master to avoid ‘stop’ movements, because one unit was out of function.

As soon as the pilot went off, once ship was clear, ship was stopped, removed air start v/v found gasket was not in place. The other o/hauled air start v/v was fitted with new cu gasket & this time taken more concern to fix the cu gasket in place. Engine started then, but was not turning continuous by air, blow through then tried Ast.

Something – one (or) this revelator engine turned & stopped again. Tried from local maneuvering – no use. In the meantime, checked pressure gauges of air in the control room. One from air to main air start automatic v/v- always
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