30th Mar 06

On a vessel (OBO) which arrived at Vizag for discharge, the boiler plant was to be started. The second engineer was to take water in the primary drum. He was unable to start the primary fuel water pump which is a reciprocating type of steam pump.

This incident was not reported to Ch. Engineer. The second engineer meanwhile connected a hose to the air vent and led it to the nearby toilet. He thought water level had come up in the boiler and started flashing it up.

After a few hours of continuous firing the boiler pressure hadn't come up. In the mean time, chief engineer who had come down to E/R became aware of this. He immediately stopped the boiler operation.

On inspection later, it was noticed 4 to 5 tubes had burst open and 90% of tubes started leaking from the steam drum flashing. It took 2 months for the C/E and one fitter to flare the tubes and blanking of burst tubes to repair the boiler.
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