After the survey was carried out on the boiler, the mountings were boxed back and the boiler was flashed up.

The safe procedures were followed. Few hours after building up the required pressure, the boiler was commissioned and steam consumption started. All leaks tested and arrested where possible. The firing continued when required. The low water alarm and low low water level trip were not commissioned.

After nearly 10 hrs after firing, it was noticed that water level was not visible in the gauge glass. Water was observed to leak from the shell lagging near the furnace. Feed pump started and the pump could not cope up. Boiler was isolated, steam released and the boiler was allowed to cool.

After sufficient cooling, when the furnace was opened up, water found coming from the boiler profusely. When the inspection was carried through the manhole door, it was found that the entire burner chamber had collapsed. The next day, the ship left for Goa for dry dock In the dry dock the entire boiler tube and the chamber was repaired .
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