The ship left Mina Saqr and was sailing to India. Everything looked fine at the beginning. Around 0515 hrs, next day, found engine speed slowing down and stopped abruptly.

On inspection, it was found the ship had ran aground and was stuck in the coastal mud of the coast line in Persian Gulf.

After full away captain left bridge after leaving note to watchkepers. C/O was found drunk, 2/O handed over the watch and left the bridge. He did not inform Master about the drunkenness of C/O. Watch keeper (Deck) failed to keep peoperwatch and look out. Even the Seaman/helmsman did not show proper interest as his senior was drunk, which ultimately led to grounding. The ship was not coming out so easily. It took nearly 2 days before the ship could float, with the help of tugs. All inspections carried out, and ship sailed out to India. The ship was on a time charter, the company went into hectic loss and also their name was lost. Cargo could not be delivered in time.

Lesson Learnt :

Though alcohol consumption is banned and there are strict rules being followed, now a days, certain stray incidents like above still take place. The Master has to be very strict about the discipline. In this case, not only there was delay in cargo delivery, but crew’s life had been in danger.
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