Aux. engine cooling fresh water temp was reported to be increasing slowly and steadily from 55ºC to 70ºC during a span of 1 ½ hours. The load on A/E was remaining almost same – This was reported to me by the junior engineer on watch at mid-night.

I took a complete and through round of the A/Eng and pipe-lines- I found A/E, F.W expansion tank level was very low and Junior engineer had accepted the alarm but not informed to ship-keeping engineers. I found water was leaking slightly but continuously from the A/E fresh water cooler drain plug (water side), due to which reason FW was getting drained resulting in the FW expansion TK LL alarm and consequent rise in the FW jacket cooling temperature.

Action Taken :

F.W. expansion TK of the concerned A/E was filled up upto high-level and the temp made normal. Stand-by aux. engine A/E started after checking up the A/E2 as per pre-starting check-list. A/E2 taken on load and the A/E1 was off-loaded and stopped.

Next-day morning A/E expansion tk and FW cooler V/Vs shut and the FW cooler drain plug gasket was replaced with a new one and the leakage was arrested and A/E1 made normal.
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