Once following disaster happened in one of my previous ship. When we were berthing at Wangpu in China. Pilot was on board and vessel was tried out on both direction.

When master had given full ahead, there was tremendous noise and vibration. Immediately I went down and observed intermediate bearing (Plummer block) was wobbling.

Unfortunately what happned was, when V/L sat on the rock, master had given the moment and continued even after hearing the noise which led to a big seratch on 4,5,6 tanks and damaged propeller & rudder.

Finally ship was pushed out after discharge of cargo, and towed to Jurang Ship yard.

After docking we observed, rudder was completely damaged became L-shape and one propeller blade sheared off and another one missing. V/L held up for 45 days to get it repaired.

For this was company spent almost 3.5 m$ for the ignorance of Master.
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