Improper Fixing Of Gasket For Manhole Door

At shore in Chennai port duty, slipway / 20 dock, one of the tug with schottle propulsion, seals renewed and the top manhole cover put back.

After launching & floating inspected and reported that water is coming through manhole cover of the unit with pressure. As per design there is no access from outside since rotor casing little clearance only with hull. We tried with underwater welding & cold compound putty, etc. to arrest / minimize the leak but we could able to do little only against pressure and bilge kept running as required. After setting up & and at low tide tug was beached again and opened manhole cover, found that rubber joint small portion folded & seated wrongly. Same made good, launched and found no problem.

This incident was due to human error while boxing back manhole cover and also hose test not carried out before launching.
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