During running, the Auxiliary Engine Lubricating oil pressure dropped. The load was transferred to standby generator, and the engine was stopped. On inspection found, crank case oil contaminated and emulsified.Further investigation revealed that one of the liners had cracked and the Jacket water had found its way to the sump.

Due to this all the bearings were damaged. Crank shaft had to be reground, and undersized bearings were used. The job was carried out by workshop people.The reasons leading to above fault is the use of spurious spare parts (supplied by the owners to cut down on the cost), improper adjustment of tappets, dripping fuel valves, imbalancing of the unit etc.

Lesson learnt :

It should be pointed out to the owner’s regarding the importance of original spares for such machinery, without which the sailing of the vessel is affected. Also it is the duty of the maintenance people to do the overhauling and adjusting the critical clearances in a p[roper and correct way.

(Mr V Valumany)
hindustan institute of marine training chennai