It happened nearly 25 years ago-I was in E/R. Our chief engineer was a drunkard and nobody respected him. He rarely involved himself in ER matters.

Once we were overhauling an auxiliary engine. During the overhaul, the Chief Engineer used take rounds around the engine. We had tightened the cylinder heads after piston assembly. The Chief Engineer then asked us to open the head & take out the piston. Everybody was very angry but he insisted and we opened the piston out. Surprise enough, on the third piston one locking circlip of piston pin was missing. Then he told us why he insisted. He had kept track of the number of circlips (among other things) and had found an extra circlip lying outside after assembly.

The above story is not to high light how smart the C/E was, it was to high light the dilemma the C/E was facing – which the subordinates are unable to understand or appreciate.
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