Survey was due and it was decided to mark the tanks by stenciling the names. The job was allotted to cadets. Cadets without understanding the repercussions, carelessly stenciled without checking up. The LO settling tank was marked as DO settling tank.

It so happened, that the ship had a shortage of DO and the generators are about to shut off due to lack of fuel. There was a delay in the arrival of bunkers, hence to avoid black out, the company decided to give 800 ltrs for the time being, by way of trucks. Trucks came, and the DO was taken in the settling tank (wrongly marked LO tank). The engine room crew were new. The oil was transferred to Service tank, after draining for water.

But the generators started functioning erroneously. The mistake was located and since nothing could be done in the night time, the load was kept to a minimum and it was managed. Next day new bunkers arrived, and the bunkers were received in the correct tank. The lines were flushed and the generators were made alright. The Lub oil in the settling tank had to be d rained off as the Lub oil also got contaminated. There was loss of bothe diesel oil and the lub oil to the company.

Lesson learnt :

negligence in the work leads to heavy losses. Such jobs though done by cadets, it should be done in consultation with engine department.
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