Vessel was discharging cargo at Uthamar terminal at Quebec (Canada). Canadian port state control inspection was carried out. PSC officer noticed during steering non follow up test, rudder angle indicator was having some error (4 to 5 deg). PSC officer insisted to correct it before departure and vessel was detained and the flag state was informed by PSC.

PSC says non follow-up is secondary mode of steering, so incase of follow up system failing, vessel can steer with non follow up mode. There was a design problem. But company arranged workshop to rectify the problem.

Workshop could not repair the problem. Finally checked the drawing and fitted one more rudder angle indicator temporary (modification) on the steering gear receiver unit and tried out found ok. Master and C/E were given written letter by PSC authorities, that additional rudder angle indicator on receiver unit will be permanently fixed near steering wheel at bridge. During NFU and manual steering to be carried out, notice to be displayed rear the NFC switch. Vessel sailed out from the port.

Company asked steering manufacturer regarding this problem. Manufacturer replied that, there are two systems, receiver and pump unit. There will be always slight time delay. Company informed to MMD and filed a suit against Canadian PSC.

Company arranged television from manufacture and checked complete system. All found OK. The report was sent to MMD. The case went for about four months. Finally Canadian PSC got convinced and certified that the defect had been repaired.
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