This is an incident happened in a product carrier 80,000 DWT.

When STS operation is going on and second engineer & fourth engineer on cargo watch, at around 2030 hrs 2/E took round on the boiler platform found flame is coming out on the port side of the boiler and coming out and shouted fire, fire!. I was sitting in the smoke room and heard the sound. Immediately informed to CCR about the boiler fire and told to stop the COP’s. I raised the fire alarm in the alley way and rushed into boiler platform, found the flame immediately.

We took 45 lts foam extinguisher and fought the fire. Mean while other officers and crew rushed and get ready for fighting the fire. Communication established between engine room and bridge and reported the events every minute. Meanwhile master informed DP about the fire. Once the fire subsided, we started boundary cooling and made arrangement to protect the other machinery. Once the boiler pressure came to 1.5 bar air vent was opened and allowed to cool the boiler. After 5 hours, once the furnace is cooled down, close inspection carried out, found on the port side a crack found on the labyrinth welding.

After casting out from mother vessel, with the help of work shop assistance crack was repaired and new insulation was fitted. Mean while we took water in the boiler, found water leaks on the flame end of the tube. Both steam & water drum manhole doors opened, all mountings removed all the tubes were flared up and boiler Hydraulic pressure test was carried out in presence of DNV surveyor. After wards all mountings fitted back, boiler slowly started and gradually pressed up to normal working pressure.
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