The problem occurred on a old tanker where generator No.1 and 2 were running in parallel, cooling water temperature of No.2 generator went up and alarm was activated.

Same problem happened to No.3 engine while running parallel with No.1 engine.

After so many trials and observations it was found that cooling water inlet lines to these engines were common and one common pipe feeding to all these cooling water pumps. That is there was only one line from expansion tank feeding all the three engines, which enabled the nearest generator engine (No.1) to get more water and other two were starved of water when running in parallel. When they were running individually, there was no problem. Two lubricating oil empty drums were cut and fabricated to form temporary expansion tanks for No.2 and No.3 engines, and when they were run in parallel, found temperatures normal.

Suggestion was made to the company to modify the line in drydock as a permanent repair.
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